Helpcenter: a new food transportation van

The Helpcenter is a local non-profit organization that provides practical help for people in need and offers them support on the road to self-reliance and independence. A part of this aid is providing food-parcels. Helpcenter volunteers pick up the food in a food transportation van with a cooling system. Unfortunately, the vehicle was at the end of its rope. A replacement was needed to transport the food-parcels safely. While the organization did not have significant funds to buy the van, crowdfunding offered the solution!


Kentaa Crowdfunding possibilities 

Helpcenter used a fun way to earn donations on the Kentaa Crowdfunding platform. They used crowdfunding rewards to encourage donations. Donors were able to choose between different donation amounts and received cool rewards in return, like a tour of the Helpcenter office.


Benefits of using video

To promote their story further, Helpcenter made a video where their founder explains why they need the money. The footage helped establish a personal connection between donors and the organization. 



Supporters were encouraged to share the Crowdfunding platform via social media, which benefitted the success of the campaign. Helpcenter also kept donors up to date via news items. 

With generous donations from 50 donors, Helpcenter managed to reach their goal of €8,786, raising 100% of their target.


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