De Vakantiebank Foundation

There are a lot of Dutch families that live on social welfare. Most of them never have the opportunity to go on holiday. That’s why De vakantiebank foundation was founded in 2011 to give these people a carefree holiday in a nice recreational holiday park. To catch a break from their daily struggles and enjoy some time away from home. De Vakantiebank is a small foundation consisting of two employees and a team of six volunteers.


Kentaa Crowdfunding

De Vakantiebank wants an easy way for people, companies and other local organizations to donate online. That’s why they use Kentaa Crowdfunding. Their Kentaa Crowdfunding platform has been shared numerous times through their various social media outlets.


The result

So far, they have gained 5,000 euros from 36 donations to give children and their families a carefree holiday. They continue to raise funds today.


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