The Simavi Foundation Water Vending Machine

The Simavi Foundation strives to provide a healthy life for everyone, in association with local entrepreneurs. Iris and Said met each other in Tanzania. She was there for her work for Simavi and he is a local social entrepreneur with a mission: quality drinking water worldwide. He had a great idea: a Water Vending Machine. A system that produces drinking water using solar energy. The Simavi Foundation decided to support his idea.


Kentaa Crowdfunding

Iris and Said had a common goal: providing safe drinking water for the 7000 inhabitants of the Ngomai village in Tanzania. They wanted to finance their project using crowdfunding. They chose Kentaa Crowdfunding to do so. Their crowdfunding goal amounted to 16.000 euros.


They motivated their donors to share their crowdfunding page on different social media outlets using an explanatory video on the crowdfunding platform.


The Simavi Foundation makes use of crowdfunding rewards that have a direct connection with the project. From a digital newsletter to a unique piece of jewellery from the Ngomai village. Donors can see their impact on the project via a specially devised dashboard, which makes the donation even more valuable.


Exceeding expectations

Simavi received even more than their goal: almost 18,000 euros thanks to the generous gifts of 132 donors!


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