How to reach your Crowdfunding target group

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09-04-2020 | 12:10

Imagine this: your crowdfunding campaign is ready to launch. But how do you reach your target audience effectively? With crowdfunding, you try to reach supporters (and eventually other people) to finance your crowdfunding project. First reach out to the people you know, not the people you don't have contact with.

We'll help you map out your target audience in 3 steps. Let's go!


Step 1: Divide your target audience into 3 subgroups

  • Inner circle (people who are close to you or your organisation and are invested in your success)
  • Network (people who know your organisation)
  • Crowd (people who don't know your organisation, but fit into your target audience and are reachable through media)

Did you know: Experience teaches us that about 20% from money raised comes from your inner circle, 60% from your network and 20% from your crowd.


Step 2: Make a spreadsheet with your sub groups 

Create an overview by separating your subgroups into the inner circle and network. Process this information in a spreadsheet. From your inner circle to your outer. Try to estimate for every group which amount they would donate and what their motivation would be. This way you can find the right moments to activate the right people. 

Reach out to your outer subgroup later in your campaign. If they see that there's (almost) no money raised, they are less likely to donate. Examples of subgroups are family, friends, colleagues, people who've donated before and local entrepreneurs.


Step 3: Adjust your communication based on you subgroups

Think of creative ways to approach different groups using the information from your spreadsheet. Think about the right channel to approach these groups. The more specific your communication is, the bigger the chance that people will donate.

Your communication will be a lot easier after your target audience is separated!