Make your fundraising platform attractive to new visitors

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02-04-2020 | 10:07

You've probably been in this situation. You're looking for a nice place to have a drink or grab a bite, but you don't want to sit in an empty pub. Donors, supporters turned fundraisers and participants of your fundraising event experience the same feeling as you have with an empty pub. 

If there aren't (a lot of) fundraisers started or if there are hardly any donations, potential starters and donors are less likely to participate. In this article we'll explain how to combat this problem.


Step 1: Approach a small group: your "fans"

Approach your supporters first: For example:

  • Your family and friends;
  • Volunteers;
  • People who have donated in earlier campaigns;
  • People who've started a fundraiser or participated in your campaign.

 You can approach this group, face tot face or by email. This personal approach can be an extra incentive.

 Tip: Have you just started as an organisation and don't you have a lot of supporters yet? You and your colleagues can participate for your own campaign! Make a donation or start a fundraiser with your colleagues. This shows how involved your organisation is and give your organisation a face.

Step 2: Approach the rest of your target audience

When you have some fundraisers and donors you can start to reach out to the rest of your target audience. Separate this audience in specific groups. Announce your campaign on social media, in a news letter and on your official website. Make sure there is a link or a button so people can find your campaign. You can use the widget from Kentaa for this.

Step 3: Help your supporters on their way to success

You don't have a lot of influence on your donors as an organisation but you do have impact on your fundraisers. They often need some extra support to get started.

  • Make sure your platform for online fundraising has a FAQ page with instructions on how to start a fundraiser.
  • Make a contact page where people can reach you if they need help.
  • Give multiple examples of fundraisers to inspire your supporters to start raising funds for you.

Combat the empty pub problem using this article. Good luck!