15 ideas for event fundraising

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23-04-2020 | 11:17

One of the most things about fundraising for a non-profit is brainstorming about an activity: a small fundraising event. Your organisation can do this but your supporters can also help you with these ideas. Supporters can ask people to sponsor them for your charity. How can you help your supporters with fun ideas? We will give you 15 ideas for event fundraising!


  1. Video game tournament

Participating is more than winning. Especially in a fundraising video game tournament. A video game tournament is a smart to engage a younger audience. Supporters can ask people to sponsor them for participating in the tournament.


  1. Benefit concert

Going to a concert and contribute to a better world? It's like music to your ears. The proceeds from the ticket sales go to the charity. Ask local musicians if they would like to perform for free or a small amount for your fundraising event. This is good for the artist's image and the will lower organisational costs. Next thing you need to do is sell tickets. This can be done also online!


  1. Bake sale

Who doesn't love homemade pastries? You can challenge your supporters to sell their own pastries or organise a fundraising event by turning it into a bake sale.


  1. Dance till you drop

Organise a swinging competition where competitors have to dance till they drop. Last man standing wins! Competitors ask people for donations for their participation.


  1. Movie night

Have a movie night or marathon in an auditorium or park. Raise money through ticket and snack sales. Tip: choose a movie that resonates with your charity.


  1. Carwash

Maybe you used too earned your pocket money by washing cars in your neighborhood. You can apply this principle at an event fundraising: a real carwash! Assemble volunteers and look for a location like a car park or an industrial area. Volunteers can ask people money in exchange for washing their car.


  1. Pub quiz

Nothing is more fun than an oldfashioned pub quiz. Raise money selling tickets and food. Besides raising money you can also raise awareness for certain problems. Make sure you don't make it too heavy. A pub quiz should be fun.


  1. Historical tour

Organise a tour on a historical location. Let your donors immerse themselves in history whilst they contribute to a better world. Tip: give a tour in spring or summer when the weather is nice.


  1. Street party barbecue

Organise a street party barbecue! You can do this in summer but also in the winter! With hot choclate, a warm jacket and a fire pit you have a creative way to raise donations. 


  1. Silent disco

A silent disco is a disco where everyone gets headphones with the same music. This way you can dance to loud music and talk to each other if you put your headphones off. Sell tickets for your disco to raise funds.


  1. Yoga lessons in nature 

Let your supporters unwind during a yoga session in the middle of nature. The only thing you need are some yoga mats and a nice spot in nature.


  1. No alcohol/cigarettes for a month

Organise a campaign that's also good for your supporters' health. This can be a good combination with a fundraiser. Participants can ask for donations for not drinking or smoking for a month.



  1. A dare for charity

Participants ask for a certain amount of donation for doing a ridiculous or funny dare. For example running through poison ivy or licking a lamppost. Be creative!


  1. Tip night

Ask local restaurants if they want to ask their costumers if they want to give a donation to charity for one night.


  1. A peek behind the curtains

Invite the public for a peek behind the curtains of your organisation. People who buy a ticket will feel extra connected to your goal. This is also a form of fundraising that raises awareness. 


With these 15 ideas you can inspire your organisation to start fundraising or participating in your fundraiser.