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Crowdfunding is a populair method to raise money for a specific project. It's a powerful way to raise funds in a way that's in the current time spirit. As a donor you'll know exactly how your money is spent. Together with others you can make something beautiful possible. Donors can be individuals, companies and foundations.


What is Crowdfunding?

 "Crowdfunding is a nontraditional practice of funding a specific goal, service or product by raising (small) amounts of money from a large number of people." 

Kentaa Crowdfunding in a nutshell

 Simply manage your own crowdfunding platform with Kentaa Dashboard:

  1. Up to three simultaneous crowdfunding campaigns
  2. Content available in text, images and videos
  3. Adjustable navigation bar with sub navigation
  4. Target goal with animated progress bar
  5. Countdown until end date  
  6. Adjustable rewards for donors 
  7. E-mails are automatically send via the e-mail module
  8. Income will be paid out monthly via foundation funds 

Start for free with Kentaa Crowdfunding


Kentaa Crowdfunding is a white label platform

Kentaa Crowdfunding is the only platform where you can keep your corporate design and choose your own domain. Kentaa takes care of the mechanics so you can fulfill your organization's dreams. Build your own crowdfunding website in just a few minutes. It's easy!


Kentaa Crowdfunding is free. Really.

Kentaa does not charge any costs to the organizations that make use of Kentaa Crowdfunding. Instead, we ask all donors for a voluntary contribution to maintain our service.



Our income is completely dependent on these voluntary contributions. The only costs that remain are the payment provider costs. You will receive all the income from the donations with deduction of payment provider costs. 


Want more opportunities? Upgrade to Kentaa Crowdfunding PLUS


Do you need more advanced functions? We got your back. You can upgrade to Kentaa Crowdfunding PLUS at any moment. Kentaa Crowfunding PLUS offers not only the basic functions but also:

  • Unlimited number of simultaneous crowdfunding campaigns
  • Add or remove admins from a specific campaign page or the entire platform 
  • Change automatic e-mail content on any campaign
  • Possibility for site managers to change the collected amount of money via manual donations

Using the extra possibilities from Kentaa Crowdfunding PLUS costs €99 a month, including taxes

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