40 van Breda Foundation

The 40 van Breda Foundation was founded by a group of friends who participate in the sporting event ‘The 40 van Breda’. The friends’ goal is to participate in the event with as many people as possible. And by doing so, raise money for selected charities and organizations.

Kentaa Event Fundraising

The foundation used the Kentaa Event Fundraising platform. Participants can sign up to join the sporting event 40 van Breda on the platform and raise money for the chosen charities by the organization.

Let’s do this

People were encouraged to register for the event on their platform via 40 van Breda’s means of communication and local media. The charities that 40 van Breda chose to receive the funds, also promoted the platform.

Rising proceeds

In 2018, 74 participants raised 36,000 euros in 2018 for Driving Nurses Foundation and the Ushersyndroom Foundation.

The following year, 89 participants raised 41,011 euros for these foundations. A significant rise in proceeds thanks to all the participants!

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